Brand Spotlight: Idahoan Foods

Fresh-Dried Potatoes: Quality,Taste, and Performance that operators Trust

Our delicious sides may seem like simple classics, but they’re the result of a cutting-edge cooking method pioneered right here at Idahoan® Foods. Over half a century of potato expertise and a passion for honoring the integrity of the potato has led to our unique approach that allows operators to achieve consistently perfect, scratch-like potatoes with ease.

It all starts with Certified 100% Idaho® Potatoes, which are world renowned for their quality and flavor and harvested from local farms throughout Idaho, including the beautiful Teton Valley.

We cook, slice, and mash our potatoes, and then we simply remove the water. Our Fresh-Dried™ potatoes offer the taste, texture, and performance of scratch-made potatoes that have been cooked just as you would in the kitchen – but without the labor or cost. The result is a product that is simple to prepare and simply delicious.

Unlike traditional dehydrated processing methods, which destroy and restructure the potato, our proprietary cooking method creates Fresh-Dried™ potatoes that taste and perform just like they were made from scratch.

Our potatoes retain all the essential aspects of what makes a potato – a potato! The flavor, structure, balance, and composition all remain completely intact. This leads to a product that refreshes quickly with minimal prep, and provides the mouthfeel, flavor, and texture that today’s discerning guests expect – and the performance and consistency that operators require.

We understand that operators have much t